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Switch from Screen Time to Toy Time in No Time!

Welcome to Playwise, the home of good wholesome fun! Check out our activity boxes for kids aged 5-11 years. They contain a variety of high quality toys and activities kids love!
Our activity boxes make a great birthday or Christmas present. They are also a fun experience for those isolating at home or in hospital. Kids even take our boxes camping! Our boxes are also wonderful for the school holidays or when travelling.
Our themed educational boxes are great for  homeschooling and in the classroom.  They provide a holistic and more playful approach to learning. They also create a balance between your child’s on & off-screen play.
We incorporate psychology, neuroscience and the science of play into every box. We also include educational content & STEAM. That way, we can be sure kids gain the most from these toys and have great fun!
We have even tested the FUN FACTOR of all our boxes, via a community of kids!



Fun, Without You

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All our games and toys encourage INDEPENDENT PLAY. A win for busy parents and a great skill for kids to master!

Fun, Day In Day Out

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We try hard to find toys and activities that can be played with over and over again.

Fun, Without the Store

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We shop for you, so you don't have to! Hours of research and testing ensure quality products at discounted prices.

Fun, With the Goodness Back

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Fun that is enriching and stimulating and without the nasty side-effects of screens.

Fun, Guarenteed

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All our boxes are tested by a panel of kids to ensure the FUN FACTOR

We are Sure you are Going to Love it!

Our #1 priority at Playwise is to make sure that you and your child are happy. We are pretty sure  that you are going to love our products! However, on the off chance that you are not entirely satisfied, please reach out to us.  We stand by our products 100%. Exchange it, send you a new one. Whatever it takes!  Just get in touch. We are here for you and your child. 


 “Playwise is an amazing concept. The quality of all the products is incredible and the box has been so well thought out to balance all kinds of play. Can’t stop raving to friends enough! Thank you Playwise🙂”

Sarah, H (Oliver’s Mum)

Kids Need Good Wholesome Fun

Today, fun has moved to the digital playground. Instant gratification has become the name of the game. Children spend less time outside or with friends, or playing with toys.
Less time on these good wholesome experiences means less opportunities to build resilience. More time on screens means a potential risk for addictive behaviours. Changes to a child’s brain due to excessive screen time are also of concern.
According to a recent NIB survey (2021), screen time is a Kiwi parent’s number one concern (cited by 88% of Kiwi parents).  1 in 3 children have reportedly experienced difficulty regulating their emotions. 1 in 6 children have reportedly developed addictive behaviours towards screens and gaming.

So good wholesome fun for Kiwi kids is important for their wellbeing. From local research it also seems to be something they may urgently be in need of.


 “At Playwise we help parents create more of a balance between on & off-screen play. This is MUST-HAVE if they are to raise resilient and well-balanced children in a digital age.” We do this by providing well researched, captivating opportunities for good wholesome fun!”  

(Heather Patton – Occupational Therapist & Founder)

Ordinary Toys

Doing Extraordinary Things

When children engage in good wholesome play, we see ORDINARY toys doing EXTRAORDINARY things. Children experience less screen withdrawal, a better mood and better behaviour. We also see children taking a greater interest in their surroundings and wanting to do more!  
When a child develops a love of toys, screens have less hold/power over a child. We see a better balance between on and off-screen time. As such their is a reduced vulnerability to screen and other addictions.
A child who engages in good wholesome play also has a better chance for normal development. They also have a better chance of reducing the possible negative impacts screens may have on their brains.


 “My son loves everything about Playwise, from the box, to receiving his very own delivery. The toys were an instant hit and he now looks forward to the end of screen time in a way I never imagined possible! Thank you Playwise 🙂”

– Jonathan, Auckland

At Playwise, we help parents to create healthy technology down-time that kids love!

We do this by applying the many wisdoms that play has to offer.

What to Expect From A Playwise Box

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